CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is crucial in the call center industry. A good CRM is key to success because it offers tremendous opportunities. Imagine a CRM and dialer integration? Cybells dialer software integrates with your existing CRM to generate excellent results.

CRM automation with Cybell Dialer adds much more value to the customer experience. As the customer dials, all the records associated with their point of contact are activated right away. The agent gets a 360-degree view of all the customer support interactions.

Cybells CRM is a perfect call center solutions-enabled platform with unlimited features. It provides end-to-end customer record management, from lead generation to sales enablement. Cybells Dialer with CRM enhances customer support and user experience excellence. The unlimited features are just a click away.



You may claim that you can manage your business using email, task management systems, and calendar systems but you’ll miss the big picture. Organizing all your information into one system gives you that big picture


If you use scratch pads, update books, schedules, and different frameworks for following your information then the chances are high that you will lose it sooner or later or it very well may be taken. So Store everything on your laptop.


If you’ve at any point need to think back and see everything on a specific contact, the surge of correspondence among you and them and different individuals from your business then you want a CRM


Do you know which customers are prepared for a fast callback? Assuming you knew precisely which possibilities and customers were waiting and who was somewhat keen on your administrations. would that help your business and your business methodologies? I figure it would help a lot.


CRM assists you with discovering your shortcomings since you can see plainly that where your assets are going and which costs ought to be halted immediately.


CRM will assist you with accomplishing your objectives since when you invest less energy on administration with utilization of CRM you will have more opportunity to prospect your objectives and make great strategy


Lead Management

CRM improves the lead of the management as it requires less time to oversee clients’ data, agents efficiency and plotting the overall proformance of the team. This way the executives can develope more productive strategies and can grow in faster pace.

Customer Assistance and Support

Customer services and support is mainly concerned dealing with individual clients related to their day to day enquiries, interacting and solving their problems, hence the customer services and support department is the major communication unit among any organization and its valued customers. CRM helps in customer services excellence and support.

Mass Mailing

Communication with clients is a significant action in any business situation. Perhaps the most effective way of conveying is through email. Cybells CRM gives the choice of utilizing email to arrive at countless clients by sending mass messages. You can likewise make automated assistants, plan mass messages, and make email formats that are prepared to use.

Email Integration and Extensions

CYBELLS CRM permits you to save your messages from Gmail inside your CRM account. You should simply design the POP settings and select you Gmail account as the mailbox.

Product Customization

Customizing is the most compelling approach to accomplishing an effective organization explicit Customer Relationship Management framework. One of the critical components of Cybell CRM is its ability to permit customization and adaptability to do as such. You can alter a ton of components like the tabs (modules), the page formats, segments in a page, fields, etc.

Opportunity Prioritization

The objective and goals of every business is to grow and grow by utilizing available resources efficiently. The higher management, board of directors’ and managers are set to work on strategic business tools. The CRM catches the opportunities and prioritize them with respect to value and time constraint association.

FAQ Creation

Most of the clients have no comprehension about the CRM, for those-supervisors can make FAQ page, questions generally comes at the top of the priority list will be replied by the framework and clients effectively get what is this elements, how it works and how it assists with dealing with the work and gap the work load

Customer Portal

CRM with customer portal give you quickly convey an adaptable, versatile and profoundly secure entryway arrangement that furnishes prompt correspondence with your clients, merchants and accomplices that can be sought after and written about, without the requirement for coding, custom programming, or other complex specialized requirements.

Membership Management

CRM membership board, deal with all the membership charges of client’s organization for entire life. You can easily deal with the whole membership charges of your clients by CRM seamlessly.

Account and Contact Management

CRM is intended to oversee business-to-business (B2B) connections that is, associations with different associations and the contacts working at those associations. Symbol CRM can likewise oversee business-to-customer (B2C) connections, which means associations with people not related with a particular association.

Campaign Management

It helps the organization to plan monitor and track campaigns. This involves uploading campaigns, scheduling, executing and controlling different campaigns according to set goals. CRM also add values to mailing list and contacts arranging prior to each campaign.

Integrated Calendar and Notification Management

If your staff actually initiates your day by day schedules, making notes on reminder books or daily agenda? What occurred if this valuable data erased or lost? Try not to stress save your plan for the day, dynamic your every day work list and get notice by this astounding component

Performance Reporting

Do you know who your best call center agent is? Which one is driving from others? Which call center agent has high deals and performance? On the off chance that you still not know, opportunity arrives with Cybells CRM your representative work exhibitions, activity graphs naturally will be plan by single tick!

Security Management

Security is the primary goal of each and every business entity; with CRM directors have total security over the call place the board. Chiefs have full check and equilibrium over the delegates in his contact focus though reps approach just their records.

Automatic Lead Capture

Lead generation is the core objective of each and every organization. With large strengths of sales force it is almost impossible for higher management to capture the leads hence the potential sales leads are missed out. Customer relationship Management (CRM) not only captures the leads but also intimate the management about further strategies to occupy and fix the deals.

Integration with System

CRM integration involves the building of your front end application i.e. website and CRM work together. This way you achieve lots of goals that you may loose on manual entries that involve long processing time, human errors and manpower. CRM integration is a great way to add value and to automate your overall system.

Case Management

incorporation of various people inside and outside of the relationship, with variable connections to one another, just as different reports and messages. Case the executives are, to work on the exhibition of your association by putting case data up front.

Quoting, Invoicing, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders

Quoting, invoicing for clients, deals request send by the business and buy request send by the clients, all the detail of your Quotes, invoicing, deals request and buy request will be moved with having every one of the records and time will be save only a single tick CRM.

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