CYBELLS DIALER is an Auto Dialer Software that dials the numbers automatically. Just with a single click, Cybells Dialer dials thousands of numbers within no time. Do you want to eliminate the tedious task of manually dialing? Are you very low in resource efficiency and want to maximize your sales leads? Cybells Dialer is the best option. It has the advanced features to boost call center revenue. These key features are.


PREDICTIVE DIALER: Double the dialing speed, enhance the agent’s talk time

PROGRESSIVE DIALER: Super cost-effective, Best for campaigns where the reaching to customer cost is high such as fundraising, collections.

POWER DIALER: Make hundreds of thousands of calls instantly 

CYBELLS AI-DIALER:  AI-enabled dialer with RPA, the best  and most advanced dialer in the industry

CYBELLS Dialer has prerecorded scripts. You can always welcome your customers with a fresh tone in British accents or American. Cybells Auto Dialer performs all rest of the tasks with double speed. CYBELLS Dialer with enhanced features to address the call and contact center industry is the right choice. Maximize sale leads, double your call dialing speed and generate more revenue. Buy Cybells Dialer and see the results. Contact us


Web Screen

Cybells Dialer offers web base screen to agents, it provides the ability for agents to call the business customers in sequence from the database.

Auto-dial campaign

In this feature, set up a campaign for agents, Cybells Auto dialer auto dials the numbers of the campaign on behalf of the agent and connect only with live calls.

Multiple campaigns

With Cybells Cloud predictive dialer software, agent have facility to manage one campaign with multiple dialers and manage multiple campaigns with the help of single dialer.

Easy to transfer calls

Agents have the ability to transfer live calls to different agents or any internal department of the call center.

Custom Web Page

Cybells Dialer offers to agents the ability to open a custom web page of customer data from live call, agents can easily check the each user, each campaign, each group and each list!

Start Campaign with IVR

Managers can easily get the facility to start an auto dial campaign with simple interactive voice response IVR and when they found some live callers they directly transfer the call to agents.

Broadcast with Pre-Recorded Messages

Dialer offers the chance to broadcast the pre-recorded messages to maximum number of audience in less time.

Music on Hold

Sometimes agents are busy with other calls, hang up or hold their calls, in duration of hold call, customer will hear the music.

Drop call to Voicemail

Customer service center can receive calls 27/7, sometime inbound call center missed the call from customer, CYBELLS DIALER give ability to send voicemail to drop caller, queues and extension per campaign if there is no agent available.

Local caller ID

Predictive dialer display local caller ID to its customers while calling for outbound and receiving from inbound customers.

ACD Queues

Dialer predict the agent’s load of calls and automatically distribute the inbound and outbound calls to different agents to minimize the agent load.

Inbound And Outbound calls

With this unique feature, call center agents will receive all the calls either it will be related to inbound or outbound.

Control over Recording

Executive have the power to start and stop call recordings of any agents at any time. Otherwise all the calls will be recorded to a specific destination.

Control over Dialing

Agent can dial the numbers manually and automatically, connect with the two different customers for the same lead.

Unlimited Alternative Numbers

Predictive dialer dials the numbers automatically until it predicts the client is no more available or no more agent for receiving live call.

Schedule to callback

While dialing the numbers of customer, busy tone or may be customers will say to call back later. Agent add this later activity list in schedule and callback to that customers.

Login from anywhere

Agent get the chance to logged in from anywhere with smart phone, web browser just need an internet connection and Cybells dialer software.

Web-based administration

With Cybells predictive dialer, managers can easily access to agents status board with the help of web based administration, also known as agent panel.

Agent web screen

Agents who deal with inbound customers, they can handle the inbound email through the agent web screen.

Internet chat

Cybells Dialer provide all the basic necessities to agents in regards of customer satisfaction. Agents can easily chat with the customer from website through the agent web screen to solve their issues and providing best services.

Multilingual Web Admin

The admin web pages available in English, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, French and Brazilian Portuguese.

Script display

This is a feature provided by the call centers, in which scripted content will be displayed to agents to read while calling customers, for instance: Name, address, etc.

Call Duration

The total duration of a call and the call information will be displayed after ending the call.

Call disposition

When the connected call with customers going to be ended, call disposition menu appears to add the call nature.

Customizable information of calls

Agent can easily customize the caller’s data, personal information and their requirements in custom data sheet.

Time zone restriction

Automatically customize the time zone restrictions, including when to call which state and when not to call any other state because of time zone restriction.

AMD calls

Predictive dialer automatically detect the number, either live call or answering machine from other ends and connect only live calls to agents.

Multiple lead list

Agent can easily manage the multiple campaigns list and lead list of customers.

DNC Activation

Dialer automatically filter the DNC lists, not to dial that numbers but, with Cybells Dialer have another option for executives, they can optionally activated those DNC numbers for specific number of campaigns.

Real time reports

As dialer only connect the live call to agents that enhance the real time work performance of agents and summary of reports available at any time.

3rd Party Conferencing

An amazing feature of Cybells Dialer to connect the third party while going on live calls, not only this. Executives can blindly add the third party in the live call.

Queue Prioritization

In different type of campaigns, executive can easily adjust the queue prioritization per campaign for outbound and also for inbound campaigns. It also settle down as per agent.

Agent Restriction

Executive can easily restrict the user level and permissions only for certain features and campaigns with this feature.

Agent conversation

Managers can listen at any time, live conversation between agents and customers or recorded conversation for quality assurance.

Check into conversation

Cybells Dialer Predictive dialer give authority to managers of calls center to enter in the live conversation between agent and customers.

Change Agent Queue

Managers have full control over the queues, they can easily change the selected queues or manage it.

Pause Code

Agents have full control over the pause code, they can easily pause their dialer when they are not active. Agents can easily manage the volume levels and mute system themselves.

Agent status bar

All the agents have the ability to view other agent’s status from their system.

Select call from queue

Not only managers in call center, but agents can view the queues call list and easily select the call from queue list.

Multiple web functions

Multi-function web-based agent API allowing for control of agent sessions including click-to-dial outside of the agent screen.

Time clock Application

Separate Time-clock application enable in software to track user work performance, work productivity and call resolution.

Internal chat

It is difficult to leave your seat to get the result of agent status or providing them new task, internal chat feature helps to chat within the boundaries of business.

Multilingual Agent’s Web

The agent web application is available in English, Spanish, Greek, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

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