Project Description


Virtual Call Center is a call center solution where the agents are not in a single location. They can connect from various locations i.e. working from home or different offices. They only thing an agent requires is the high speed internet and headsets along with virtual call center software.

Cybells Cloud Virtual Call Center

Are you looking for cost-effective, reliable and fast cloud-based virtual call center software? Cybells Cloud Virtual Call Center is the best choice to reduce your overhead costs. It offers unified communications with Omni Channel and time zone flexibility.


  • Cloud-Based Virtual Call Center Software
  • Unified Communication
  • Ability to Hire Remote Agents
  • Safety, Security and Data Privacy
  • Internal Integrated Communications, instant messaging, emailing, video conferencing
  • CRM Integration
  • Cost-Effective-On Going Cost Reduction
  • Time Zone and Location Flexibility
  • Latest and Advanced Call Center Technology
  • Easy to Launch
  • Ultimate Business Growth as This Solution Save Your Company’s Time and Resources

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