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CYBELLS Crucial Role In Better Patient Experiences In Healthcare

You might think that it’s a weird thing how CYBELLS can play a crucial role in healthcare for a better patient experience right? But professional healthcare advisors tell us that digital collaboration is essential for an effective patient experience. However, patient care requires some tools that can help empower the healthcare employees; so that they can know the problem readily and get solutions to it. 

CYBELLS has revolutionized healthcare by providing powerful new tools and innovative channels that enhance patient care. The disciplinary team that works together for quick access to appointments, helpful information, and a lot of things plays an important role in the betterment of patient care in healthcare. But the core of all this is digital collaboration.

According to a study, 87% of professional healthcare advisors say that digital collaboration is the top priority right now for any organization to excel in healthcare industry and offer best healthcare services to their patients. But how can collaboration tools optimize the patient care experience?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some of the key takeaways that can help you to a better understanding of the whole process. You can also read our Importance of call center automation in healthcare for further information.

  1. Better Scheduling

Accessibility is the top priority for any healthcare organization or industry. With the increasing number of patients, there is an increased volume of appointments for admin and also for the call center representatives that are working remotely. And if any healthcare falls short in this process it causes less ideal experience for the patients.

But smart and more advanced features like CRM and Predictive Dialer Software     by CYBELLS can help healthcare businesses to improve this first step of their journey. So, let us talk about better scheduling; how does it work exactly?

Secure Communication: Our software tools offer end-to-end encryption so that the data of patients remain confidential. Especially in healthcare centers where the data of the patients are very critical and confidential, it is important to use such features to keep the data safe and secure.

Automated MMS: It also provides you with automated messaging and communications that help to give reminders to patients about their appointments without wasting any time and effort.

Telemedicine: Healthcare staff can easily connect with their patients through phone calls or mobile applications using these tools. This is especially beneficial for those who are unable to physically come in due to their condition or distance.

Call Queue Feature: Our Predictive Dialer Software has a feature that automatically recognizes the existing number of the patient whenever they call, it routes their call to the intake scheduler, coordinator, or agent.

  1. Effective Provider Handoffs

Best healthcare businesses require care providers that keep everyone in the loop and work together for better patient care and experience.

For Instance, we say that healthcare providers are appointed on the floors of the hospital. Providing 24/7 patient treatment needs collaboration between the care providers who may be in the ER, in other patients’ rooms, or on another floor when the issue arises. It also needs effective provider handoff information between the ER doctors or nurses.

CYBELLS has every advanced feature that a healthcare need. However, ruggedized handsets devices with predictive dialers installed play a great role in the effective provider handoff;

Head-up Display: It provides all the information about the availability of the other care members such as the nurse manager. And also it shows the active status of other key members of healthcare too.

Emergency Alerts: In case of any emergency the care providers can send the alert to the emergency response team or some other healthcare team member so that action can be taken on time. And also, effective and quick measures can be taken at that moment.

Hot-Desking: The CRM Software makes sure that the data of the patient is shared and handed off to the next shift securely. It enables the users to access and log in to all their contacts or voice messages.

  1. Full spectrum of the Patients Journey

If we say about the patient experience then the healthcare providers should be well aware of the fact that it never ends in their office footsteps. But it tells us what comes next. That was how well the patient was dealt with and also was the patient satisfied with the care provider’s recommendation. Moreover, was the patient able to get their answers? These are the questions that define the full spectrum of the patient’s journey. 

But again access and timelines can be an issue. However, the right collaboration tools can help overcome these potential bottlenecks such as Predictive Dialer and CRM by CYBELLS:

Video Conferencing: It is an amazing feature that enables the care provider to deal with patients virtually so the patients with issue and distance can get benefit from it and doesn’t have to come in person.

Automated Voicemail Transcription: It speeds up the internal communication between the healthcare providers and responds readily to the query or needs of patients.

Appointment Scheduling: It helps the providers to schedule and manage their timelines. Also, it helps them keep connected with the patients so that they can send reminders to them for their appointment.

CYBELLS can help your business by providing solutions that can automate your schedules and improve patient engagement. It provides advanced features to identify patients and prioritize them according to their profiles. Moreover, its software can analyze patients’ conversations and provide solutions to queries in real-time, enabling healthcare to make more informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Contact us today to find the perfect AI solution for better patient experiences in your healthcare  business!

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