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Progressive Dialers Vs Predictive Dialers: 7 Things You Need To Know

Recent research indicates that the global auto dialer software industry is soaring in popularity. As contact centers seek to become more productive and efficient, they increasingly utilize cloud-based auto dialer software for their outbound call operations. This incredible technology not only automates the process of making and receiving calls, but also provides intelligent detection for busy tones, disconnected lines, voicemails, and answering machines. It’s no wonder that the auto dialer software market continues to experience tremendous growth.

For those looking to make sure they connect with a real person, contact centers offer various types of outbound dialers that are perfect for the task. From progressive to predictive dialers, these customizable options allow for tailored outbound calling experiences, enabling them to play a pre-recorded message or transfer the call to a live agent when the call is answered by a real person.

Both dialers, progressive and predictive can initiate calls from your contact list sequentially and automatically.

The main difference between both dialers is that in progressive dialing agents are given the freedom to take on calls efficiently with progressive dialers. This technology allows agents to indicate when they are ready to take on the next call and then initiate the outbound call after providing relevant information. On the other hand, predictive dialers rely on predictive statistical algorithms to initiate outbound calls automatically. This process helps maximize productivity with pre-defined dialing ratios.

Therefore, an intuitive dialing system allows agents to reach out to customers quickly and efficiently. With powerful predictive capabilities, it facilitates the creation of customized market campaigns for seamless monitoring and management.

Contact centers are constantly switching between progressive and predictive dialers, tailoring their choice to the specific needs of each marketing campaign. Decision-makers need to remember that different dialers serve different purposes, and selecting the right one is key to successful campaigns.

Different Dialing Modes

Auto dialing mode for outbound calls is an efficient auto dialer software feature that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your agents. If you are using a progressive dialer, only one outbound call is placed for each available agent. While predictive dialers use predictive algorithms to accurately predict the availability of agents and initiate calls in advance before the agents get free keeping them busy without overwhelming them. This ensures you don’t miss any opportunities for customer service or sales. With predictive dialers, you can always be sure that your agents are being productive and that your customers are receiving the highest quality service possible.

Call Regularity

If we talk about progressive dialers, they help you to reduce call abandon rates by ensuring that agents are available when a call is made one by one. On the other hand, with predictive dialers contact centers can maximize their dialing and connecting rates while eliminating agent idle time by placing multiple outbound calls for each available agent. With these two powerful options, contact centers can be sure to find the right balance of efficiency and effectiveness.

Statistical Algorithms

Using advanced statistical algorithms, a predictive dialer can accurately determine how many customers will answer outbound calls from your contact list and how much time agents will need to handle those conversations. The dialer’s predictive algorithm ensures that the right number of calls are sent at the right time, thus allowing agents to efficiently manage their workload.

While progressive dialer ensures that outbound calls are made promptly, without any algorithms. Calls are only initiated when an agent is ready to answer in real time, unlike predictive dialers.

Agent’s Deployment

In the case of progressive dialers, contact centers need to deploy more outbound agents to keep up with the growth of outbound calls to maximize the efficiency of their efforts, Progressive dialers work in a way that each available agent can initiate one call at a time. Without extra outbound agents, contact centers will find it difficult to manage larger-scale campaigns. 

However, thanks to predictive dialers, contact centers no longer need to invest in extra agents to support large-scale marketing campaigns. These auto dialers enable businesses to communicate with more customers and lead at a much faster rate, as they can initiate multiple calls for each available agent.

Tailored Interaction

Predictive dialers enable agents to make the most out of their time by making more outbound calls in a shorter period. Yet, despite this advantage, agents may find it difficult to make customer interactions both productive and personalized while using these auto dialers.

Progressive dialers offer customer service agents the invaluable opportunity to better understand the customers they interact with, allowing them to customize their conversations and increase sales conversion. By leveraging relevant customer information, agents can more easily achieve a more personalized and engaging customer experience, as opposed to what predictive dialers can provide.


Progressive dialers enable contact centers to make more efficient and successful outbound calls while avoiding the risk of call abandonment. Predictive dialers, on the other hand, make multiple calls at once without considering live agent real-time availability. As a result, progressive dialers offer contact centers the ability to reduce call abandonment rates but not make multiple calls at once.

As customer demand rises, the potential for agents to be unable to manage outbound calls increases. However, modern predictive dialers built on AI algorithms offer an accurate solution to estimate agent availability and handle calls, accordingly, making them a valuable asset for any contact center seeking to improve customer experience and efficiency.


Contact centers can leverage the power of both progressive and predictive dialers to efficiently manage marketing campaigns. Progressive dialers come with their own set of advantages, but predictive dialers offer a better advantage: they enable agents to interact with more customers and leads in a shorter timeframe. With predictive dialers, contact centers can maximize customer engagement, while using minimal resources.

Agents using predictive dialers may find it difficult to make personalized, productive outbound calls. However, progressive dialers provide an improved customer experience and greater chances of successful sales conversions, making them the preferred choice for contact centers when evaluating auto-dialers.

Outbound calling can be made more efficient with the help of progressive and predictive dialers. Predictive dialers proactively place calls according to predetermined ratios, allowing agents to handle the next call immediately. Alternatively, progressive dialers wait until an agent is free to take the next call before initiating it. Both automated solutions provide contact centers with a mechanism to handle outbound calls quickly and efficiently.

Consequently, contact centers must remain mindful of the exact necessities of each marketing endeavor when comparing progressive and predictive dialers. It is essential to pick the correct type of dialer that addresses the needs of the campaign for the best outcomes.

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