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Unlock the Next Level of Generative AI Summary With CYBELLS

In this era, are you also curious about the hype around Generative AI and how it is going to transform the business landscape? It is the most trending topic of 2023, and so many of us are buzzed about its practical application and viability in outbound call centers.

So, the news is that it’s TRUE and not just HYPE. At CYBELLS, our team have worked day and night to create this game-changing technology to take the customer centers to the new next level. And we are not going to just stop here but work more and then achieve the next level of Generative AI and Software Tools. 

Here we are going to brief you about the Generative AI Summary and its key benefits:

What is Generative AI Summary?

As we all know about Average Handle Time and how it is a critical KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for outbound call centers. That is why improving the overall efficiency of the call center and the agent productivity that is reducing Average Handle Time is the top priority for any contact center. Nowadays many agents in call centers have to take notes during the call which causes distractions for them many times. And even they have to spend a few minutes after the call writing the summary about it. However, these summaries are essential for a couple of reasons:

The next agent knows what happened in the previous conversation, so that there is a record kept of the conversation for compliance purposes. Call summarization has always been possible before, but it always required tuning and significant configuration. Also, it was only able to handle conversations when they followed a quite disciplined framework, and these types of limitations tell us that any significant cost saving is out of our reach. 

Key Benefits of Generative AI Summary

We can easily say here that AI Summary is out-of-the-box technology within the agent assist. Clients have the benefit of simply turning it on or off feature, with a simple toggle. Even the long conversations between agents and clients are generated within seconds without any professional training or any kind of AI training, maintenance, or tuning; which accelerates time value. Likewise, agents have the benefit of adding any notes in the AI Generative Summary for the supplementation. It makes the job easier for the agents of the call center and also saves them a lot of time in the post-call activity. 

CYBELLS is also here to help you with the latest features to offer for any call center business. The new features that it is providing to its customers such that Predictive Dialer, CRM, Hosted PBX, and IVR are giving it an edge in the market. Overall, we can say that it helps outbound call centers realize cost savings by empowering the customer sales agent with time-saving features and the next best agent guidance so that agents can give all their time to the customer’s help. 

How is AI Generative Summary beneficial?

AI Generative Summary is an incredibly helpful tool for call centers. It can provide numerous benefits to customer service operations. Here are just a few examples of how it can help improve their operations:

Reduces Post-Call Activity:

After the agent hung up the call, they have to write the summary of the call. The summary is necessary for the agent to write so that the next agent who will handle the call can understand the prior conversation. However, AI Generative Summary generates the summary of calls in seconds which means it saves a lot of time and we can provide all the detailed information to the upcoming agent who will handle the call without wasting any time.

Quality Training and Monitoring of Staff: 

If supervisors have summaries of the call, they can easily monitor the interactions of their sales agents with their clients and analyze them. After analyzing, they can provide feedback on the call for improvement. They can also analyze where their sales agents are lacking and can train them properly on it by analyzing the call summaries generated by the AI Generative summary tool by CYBELLS.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

This feature can increase overall customer satisfaction as it helps the sales agents help understand the needs of the customer and to answer them accordingly. Also, with this technology, as summaries are generated in seconds agents can do a quick analysis of the prior call and take the context out of it which helps them in the future to provide customers with more personalized and effective help.

Improved Accuracy:

The best part of using this technology is that we don’t miss any point. As agents when they have to write a summary on their own can miss some points of the call but this feature ensures that nothing like that happens. AI Summary can easily analyze customer queries and provide accurate queries for them. It helps the sales agents to better understand it and provide the most suitable solutions to their problems. 

However, you can always reach out to CYBELLS for the most advanced features for your company that will not only improve customer satisfaction but will also help your agents work easy that will empower them to work with utmost dedication and motivation. 


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