Agent Productivity
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CA reflects and measures the amount of time you spend on actual work that transforms into productivity. This is one of the major performance indicators from a set of KPIs of a call center. Higher CA is important for an agent productivity enhancement


The CA is calculated as

CA= (Serviced Minutes-Excused Non-Serviced Minutes)/ (Post Minutes+Released Minutes)

Example Includes: Suppose you are working for an interval,when you log in on time and log out on time you receive 100%. Wherease if you log in 5 minutes later than actual schedule and log out 5 minuted earlier that actual schedule then your CA will be 83% for that specific interval. CA is calcualted on a 30 days average rollong period.

The impact of low CA for an individual agent is minor but what if there are large number of agents? Every call center have 100s agents and when most of them have low CA it really efffect over all customer experince and a call center performance.

Cybells performance metrics give a very clear image of the CA to individual agents and call center managers.


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    The post contains a lot of useful information. I appreciate the author’s effort. Thank you for sharing.

    July 2, 2023 at 1:01 am

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